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Potty Patch Review

Constantly cleaning your dogs messy urine can be tiring and frustrating. Does your home smell like your dogs mess already? It can be embarrassing to friends and family members visiting us to have a home smelling like your dogs mess. But dogs can be very difficult to potty train especially if you keep them indoors. Now all your worries of having a home smelling like a truck load your dogs mess is over thanks to the new Potty Patch. It guarantees to make a huge difference on your home. With this inside your house, even if your dog urinates or defecates inside, your home will retain its own clean smell.

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How does Potty Patch work?

The Potty Patch is made of real grass which is a good thing as dogs naturally are attracted to grass and makes it easier for you to have them disposing off their waste in the right area in no time. When your dog urinates, the urine is not absorbed but merely transported to the pan below where all of the urine is accumulated. It can hold up to a days worth of urine from your dog. A grate is present in between the grass and the pan to keep the grass looking and smelling fresh all day long.

Upon defecation, you pick the waste up using newspaper or plastic and throw them out just as you would had without Potty Patch. The difference is that with this grass, you don’t have to worry about your house smelling like a truck full of garbage as the smell of the waste is quickly absorbed and diffused leaving your home smelling as it normally would. This is sold in different sizes to accommodate your dog’s needs. If you love dogs but hate the fact that they make your home smell bad then this product is right for you. Now you will never have to worry of a smelly home ever again thanks to the all new Potty Patch.

Potty Patch

Indoor pets can get very messy but with potty patch with you, you never have to worry about pet mess ever again.

Potty Patch Review – Hear out what customers have to say?

Xmarine says: We bought this potty patch for our 2 ½ month-old dog and he used it the immediately upon setting it up. He was very good on using this product whenever he needs to.

J.Rollins says: This is good concept for a product. Although after quite a few uses it started to smell even though I clean it.

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